L’ozone pour soigner le Covid-19 ?


L’ozone est aussi devenu un remède homéopathique durant la même période. Connu depuis le 19ème siècle, on commence à mieux comprendre comment il fonctionne pour affaiblir les micro-organismes pathogènes. l’ozone n’est pas brevetable par les compagnies pharmaceutiques, donc elles s’en désintéressent au profit d’autres molécules qui seront plus rentables. Et c’est là qu’on attend une action forte des gouvernements, s’approprier toutes les pistes qui n’intéresseront jamais les grands acteurs pharmaceutiques pour délivrer des traitements peu onéreux.

« Ozone therapy has been in use since the late 1800s, but is little known. It is not patentable for profit; thus, corporate interests have no incentive to develop and disseminate it. Consequently, few formal studies have been performed. Yet many scientific articles have been published on research conducted in Germany, Russia, Italy, Cuba and elsewhere, demonstrating powerful biochemical effects. Bocci and Menendez both published books summarizing their research groups’ published basic science findings »

« Ozonides are oxidants in their own right. They have a prolonged life according to the works of Bocci and Menendez, providing ongoing protection after a single treatment. These molecules are less reactive than ozone, but still possess oxidizing power and serve as biochemical signaling molecules modulating the immune system. Creating a more « oxidized » environment, ozone therapy may assist the body in inactivating thiols in viruses in blood and tissues. (Our immune system is well known to create reactive oxidant species, such as hydrogen peroxide, superoxide, nitric oxide, hypochlorous acid, etc. and even ozone itself as mentioned previously to defend against infection). Viruses, unlike « living » cells, have no mechanism of self-repair »

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